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Roy Faget, LPC, LMFT-A

Paul Iarussi, LMFT

Pain can sometimes immobilize us, making it difficult to sleep, eat, and function in the world.  Pain can also motivate us to reach out for help.
Sometimes, though, like a frog slowly boiling in water, we don’t notice that our world is getting smaller and smaller, and that we are barely living.   

Whatever the reason, if you have taken notice that you are struggling or stuck, this is a good sign! It may not feel good yet, but it can, if you lean into it. There is help. Let me help you take the first steps towards taking your life back.

I work with individuals and couples who want to strengthen their resilience muscles while navigating life’s many challenges:  relational trauma, aging, illness, addiction (yours or your spouses), job or family changes.  We begin wherever you are, creating safety and building trust in the sacred space between us. Using evidence-based practices, based in neuroscience and attachment theory, I work in collaboration with you to develop a strategy for living a more alive life.I invite you to call me for a free phone consultation.  I would love to hear from you.

​​Jill "Soffia" Kivikko, LMFT-A

Emily K. Kipp-Wright, LPC-Intern

I work with individuals, couples, teens and families who want to improve the way they experience life - the desire for better relationships with themselves and with others, and to gain a sense of purpose and meaning.  I’ve always been interested in what drives people and believe that we usually can discover what is best for ourselves if we slow down, take the time to think things through, talk about it with a person we trust, and express the feelings we have in healthy ways – even the negative ones we may try to avoid. 

I use a number of therapeutic modalities in my practice, which connect thoughts to feelings and feelings to thoughts, enabling my clients to change and grow in the positive direction that they envision for themselves. I work with clients who have struggled with addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, relationship separation, internal conflict and conflict with others, grief and loss, and other transitions and adjustment issues.  I have completed Gottman Level I and Gottman Level 2 trainings, which offers a structured approach for couples to learn how successful couples make their relationships last, and how handle to handle conflict in a way that prevents damage to the relationship. I am also trained in EMDR, a therapy designed to help a person unlock their nervous system to recover from trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other problems which can take hold. 

Please call me if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.  You may also visit the RCC Austin Scheduling Page to complete the scheduling form, and I will be in touch with you within 24-hours. I look forward to hearing from you!


Brittany Neece supervises additional Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associates and Licensed Professional Counselor Interns that conduct therapy sessions at other practices or agencies in the community.  This means that your work with an associate also allows you to benefit from the expertise of the supervisor.  Interns and Associates have graduate degrees and licenses to practice counseling within the state of TX.  Please take a look at the Therapist Bios and feel free to contact them for more information about scheduling an appointment.

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Mandy Davidson, LPC-Intern

Sue Nazar, LPC-Intern

I serve individual adults and couples in three areas; the beginning, middle and ending stage of marriage/relationships. I counsel client's suffering from an affair or betrayal as well as couples seeking a premarital course requirement. At every stage my client's health, well-being and overall quality of life is always affected by the relationship. Whether seeking relief from emotional pain or affirmation of a healthy relationship, my counseling can provide assistance. I have over 40 years of professional work and life experiences and education.

Working with clients suffering an affair or a betrayal, I focus on bringing relief to those feeling confused, angry, depressed, or hopeless. My counseling can help with the process of moving through the betrayal, the hurt and the trust issues in order to recover intimacy and goodwill.

My therapeutic goals are reducing emotional discomfort and increasing well-being by addressing the emotional system first, then working towards supporting the client's own set of healthful changes without blame or shame. My aim is to enhance the quality of my client's lives by enhancing the quality of their relationships.

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Relational Counseling Services
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​​Brittany Neece, LPC-S, LMFT-S & Associates

Private Practice
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Not one person’s journey or path is the same. We are each individuals and our experiences, perceptions, reactions, and feelings can be very different than those around us. If you are in a life transition, feeling lost, uncertain, or need someone to talk to I am here to support you. We all carry around our “stuff”, I can offer a place for you to set it down for a while, and we can look at it together. I will not give you advice or tell you what to do, what I will do is walk with you for a while until you are able to walk on your own again.

I am trained to support individuals, couples, children, teens, and the young at heart. I have worked for an agency, clinic, and psychiatric hospital. No struggle is too big or small. Please know that I am here and I look forward to meeting you when you are ready.

Relationship Counseling Center
of Austin

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Call Me: 512-814-6027


Brittany Neece remains connected with previous counseling interns and associates who have received supervision under her practice and completed their required hours for independent licensure.  Please take a look at the Therapist Bios and feel free to contact them for more information about scheduling an appointment.

​JC Pohl is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and National Certified Counselor. Currently, he offers counseling services at Austin Divorce Recovery and through his private practice in Southwest Austin.  He has an extensive background in working with teens, individuals, and couples.

He is an award-winning producer, nationally recognized speaker, and certified counselor who has reached over 9 million people in 7,000+ schools. He has produced groundbreaking programs such as TEEN TRUTH and RISING UP, and award-winning content for companies such as Warner Brothers, ESPN, and Disney. He has also provided innovative educational content for The American Film Institute and Human Relations Media.

JC is available to work with clients in person or via video conference calls. Life can be challenging, but you don’t have to face those challenges alone. Contact JC today to see how he can help.

The business of living is hard. Therapy with me is a partnership and guided conversation for support and to create change. You're the expert on your life, but it's hard to hear yourself when you're in crisis. We'll work on coping and boundary-setting; healthier relationships, communication, and behaviors; and reframing thoughts. Working on a suicide hotline, as an academic advisor, for private and community agencies, and as an adult and children's grief group facilitator has prepared me to support your child (ages 6-10) or you as an adult or as a couple.

Therapy with me includes coaching, hypnosis, and motivational interviewing, and play and sand therapy for children. After alleviating your distress, we'd explore and rewrite your story to create long-term change. I listen without judgment. I will also both gently and firmly help you walk the path to healing.

**Accepting New Clients** Accepting both individual (adults and children ages 6-10) and couples counseling clients for evening and biweekly weekend slots. Feel free to contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see whether I'm the right fit for you.

Are you an individual or a couple struggling with depression, anxiety, chronic health issues, or the continuing effects of past trauma?                                            
Are you feeling alone in your relationship or needing help with issues such as lack of intimacy, strained communication, or infidelity?                                            
Are you or your partner a highly sensitive person who frequently feels overwhelmed by sensory input?
Are you seeking deeper meaning in life or support to improve your self-confidence, health, productivity, creativity, or relationship?


If so, let's talk.  I can help.

My approach to therapy is holistic and integrates cutting-edge scientific knowledge about the nervous system with intuitive and experiential ways of knowing.  In working together, I custom-blend a set of tools that honors your unique needs and helps you feel motivated and supported while making the changes you seek.If you would like to find out more, let's talk.  Call to arrange a 30-minute consultation.  It's free and I truly look forward to meeting with you!

COUNSELING ASSOCIATES (Brittany Neece & Associates LLC)

Brittany Neece & Associates, LLC has recruited highly trained Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associates and Licensed Professional Counselor Interns receiving clinical supervision with Brittany Neece.  This means that your work with an associate also allows you to benefit from the expertise of the supervisor.  Interns and Associates have graduate degrees and licenses to practice counseling within the state of TX.  Please take a look at the Therapist Bios and feel free to contact them for more information about scheduling an appointment.  We have offices conveniently located in northwest Austin and in Georgetown.

4131 Spicewood Springs Rd, Suite M-2
Austin, TX 78759